The Prime focus of any business consulting firm is to bring together business and IT in order to help their clients realize the importance of investing in IT enabled services to increase the value of their business. Today every organization understands the importance of investing in the emerging technologies to be ahead of their competitors in the never ending business race and at the same time delivering promising and satisfactory services to the shareholders. But the difference in the organizations goals and perspectives stands as barriers in the company's growth. Budget and time are yet other factors that have left the IT companies little to no chance to innovate. HiTech has used its experience and expertise, in bridging this gap between cost and quality. Any firm would want to outsource their consulting services to a company that provides professional and cost effective services. Understanding this need of our clients we help them in not just meeting their business target and goals but also exceed them beyond expectation. Our pool of experts discusses the business needs of every client in detail and then explores new avenues to combat the challenges they face. They work in close connection with the clients to integrate their ideas with the client's requirements and come up with innovative solutions that will help them in their business growth.

Hitech specializes in the following areas of business consulting.
Corporate Strategy and Planning

HiTech helps clients to execute their global corporate strategy. The problems associated with management of global portfolios developed either by locale or product centric view is overcome. We help our clients to understand their organization's core strengths. So, our contribution is in building capabilities needed to execute global strategies.

Global Sales and Marketing

We understand that local marketing success ensures global business growth. This calls for custom branding, multichannel execution, sales and marketing operations. HiTech combines its sales and marketing strategy with its experience across major markets worldwide.

Business solutions

With focus on agility, speed and certainty, HiTech helps clients to achieve global scale performance. Ultimately, our objective is to develop planned approach to enterprise wide and global scale information management. In a global scenario where legacy applications continue to run and businesses spend considerable budgets on fixing core application problems our focus is on robust application testing and creation of a problem free application. We also ensure that there is cultural appropriateness at the UI and documentation level. HiTech leverages on cloud technologies as it means lower costs, increased flexibility and assurance of new revenue streams.

Risk and compliance

Global businesses confront the challenge of maze of standards and regulations that they have to face across diverse geo-markets. HiTech works closely with the client's team to develop products with global appeal and compliance, with an assurance of higher ROI and lesser TCO and risk.