Our Standard erp system is a comprehensive and high-performance information system based on Oracle technology that is fit to all requirements of our clients. The system comprises different modules that allow users to run their day to day activities with the system that features meet the company business and workflow needs.

The system streamlines the data flow within an organization and centralizes the information into one primary database. The software understands the context of integrated data, the relationships between associated data, and allows users to use the application to query, view, and analyze data. All data stored into the one database can then be presented through electronic or hardcopy reports and queries.

By centralizing information in one database, an organization can gain insight into all kind of data and derive information from this data and quickly distribute information once it is available. That reduces the number of verbal inquiries to the departments. The data is available to all who have access to the system via a standard user login. Data available within the database can be easily retrieved.