Cloud HR & Payroll System

For Small Businesses

Are you thinking about investing in online HR & Payroll system for your business? Find out what small business, cloud-based HR & Payroll software can do for you.

Run a smooth business with our
Cloud HR & Payroll System

Hitech Cloud HR & Payroll System is a system developed in Bahrain to handle all the Human Resources functions in accordance to Bahrain’s current labor law. Hitech Cloud HR & Payroll has all the features that a Human Resource department needs to organizes and manage their internal HR functions such as employee data management, payroll, shift management, loan management, allowance and deduction, employee self-service, employee attendance and etc. The HR & Payroll software is based on the latest Java technologies.

The purpose of this system is to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure for the owners and management of the companies. The system is fully cloud system enabled wherein any user can login from anywhere at any given time. The subscription is on Monthly basis and client is given the option to cease the subscription at any time. Also, the purpose of this product is to reduce the manual involvement and entries and encourage the paperless works.

The Cloud HR & Payroll system is designed in a way that any users can use the application regardless of their educational background and expertise thus making it as a very user friendly system.
We have ensured the maximum security feature for the system as security is our topmost concern. Hitech has hosted Cloud HR & Payroll System on the most secured cloud provider in the world which is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Additionally, as data backup is another concern that we wish our Subscribers to be less worried about, we ensure that our technical team will be taking every day backups for our client’s behalf in case of any failure to protect them from the risk of losing their datas.

The cloud system can be integrated to Accounting Cloud System and any number of branches, unlimited number of transactions, and unlimited attachment with many other features. The subscriber has 1 GB free data which is enough for companies for at least 5 years of data.


What Does Cloud HR & Payroll System?

Get an overview of
your business finances
in real-time

Quick to set up
and easy to use

Work anywhere with
easy-to-use cellphone apps

The advantages of
Cloud HR & Payroll System

Hitech has over 30 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs build lasting businesses. As part of Hitech Business Cloud, our range of accounting software includes accounting and financials- both of which can help you manage your business more effectively.


Take care of your accounting needs via our affordable monthly and annual subscription plans.


Get set up quickly and easily and manage your accounts without delay.


View, update and regulate your accounting information - whenever, wherever.


Create sharp and professional invoices, manage recurring billings, and easily track payments.


Track your clients’ income and expenses in one place.

Manage Bills & Expenses

Control supplier invoices and get a clear forecast of your future bills to pay.

Easy Reconciliation

Save time and automate 95% of reconciliation with our smart reconciliation tool

Keep track of overdue invoices

Control supplier invoices and get a clear forecast of your future bills to pay.

Functionalities of
Cloud HR & Payroll System

  •    Organization Structure
  •    Salary information
  •    Employee Information
  •    Employee Self-Service
  •    Attendance Management
  •    Leave Management
  •    Shift Management
  •    Employee contract management
  •    Allowance and deduction
  •    Payroll Management
  •    Dashboards/Reports & Business Intelligence
  •    Loan and advance salary

Main Modules & Reports of
Cloud HR & Payroll System

Employee Information

  •    Gosi Monthly Payments
  •    LMRA Charges & Payments.
  •    Official Information
  •    Legal Information
  •    Personal Information
  •    Payroll Information
  •    Leave Information
  •    Education & Experience Info
  •    Dependents Information
  •    Documents Attachments

Attendance Management

  •    Employee time sheets with options for entering in time/ out time on a daily basis or total hours per day/Month
  •    Daily/Monthly/Periodic Attendance

Leave Management

  •    Leave-Slab Management
  •    Leave calculation system
  •    Leave Type Information.
  •    Leave Policy Information
  •    Leave Opening Balance
  •    Leave Application/Request
  •    Leave Approve
  •    Tickets Information
  •    Leave Cancellation
  •    Leave Ledger

Shift Management

  •    Employee contract management.
  •    Payroll Management
    •    Department & designation Payroll Processing.
    •    Pay Sheets & Pay Slips
    •    Payroll Integration with Financial Accounting
    •    Earnings, Deductions, Loans & Leaves

Loan and advance salary

  •    Loan/Advance Salary Policy.
  •    Loan/Advance Salary Information
  •    Loan/Advance Salary Application.
  •    Loan/Advance Salary Approval or Cancellation
  •    Loan/Advance Salary Adjustment (Manually)
  •    Loan/Advance Salary Register

Salary Information

  •    Holiday Declare
  •    Bonus/Commission Information.
  •    Attendance and Overtime Information
  •    Attendance and Overtime Calculation
  •    Generate Salary Department/Section/Employee Wise
  •    Addition/Deletion/Edition of Salary Department/Section/Employee Wise
  •    Stop or Hold Salary for certain department or employee
  •    Loan/Advance Salary Deduction Manually
  •    Leave Salary Information.


  • Employee Information Report.
  • Leave Balance Report
  • Leave Register Report.
  • Leave Tickets Report
  • Loan/Advance Salary Report
  • Loan/Advance Salary Register.
  • Salary Report with parameter
  • Pay Slip.
  • Salary Register.
  • Bank Statement
  • Salary Certificates
  • MIS Report


  • Access from anywhere (Cloud based)
  • Secure Cloud on AWS
  • Integration option to accounts
  • Management analytic report
  • Latest and fastest technology used
  • Free Online and Telephone Support
  • Interactive design