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HEIRA TECHNOLOGIES, MALAYSIA prides itself on being a leader in the supply, support and engineering task integration. Be it communication networks for GSM, PCN and Satellite Ground Earth Stations for either the civilian or military sectors. With offices in USA & Asia our experience across and robust set up with renowned international and national cleints have set us apart as a provider of trunkey complete services, ensuring delievery, world class execution and uncompromised quality.

We bring strong capabilities in Defense with the aforesaid attributes deeply entrenched in its working. This is combined with smart technology, innovation, security and intense pride at serving the customers defense and security need and Renewable Energy.

The objective clearly is to develop genuine force multipliers that will contribute to providing a decisive edge to the Armed force, security personnel and build a robust indigenous defense industrial base.



HEIRA TECHNOLOGIES MALAYSIA is widely experienced and focused on proactive and ethical performance. Our values, trust, integrity, transparency, technical expertise in market research and personalized service guarantee a smooth and timely process. Our team of executives is unmatched in today’s competitive market.

With experience in Aircraft Sales & acquisition, Armored vehicles brokerage, Defense Technology and Oil & Gas consulting services, clients are assured expert and reliable guidance. Whether acquiring a pre-owned aircraft or planning the sale of a personal aircraft, our team will guide you through the process from start to end. Our resources include international network contracts capable of achieving our client’s requirements.

HEIRA TECHNOLOGIES MALAYSIA provides executive support to business aviation, specializing in the sale and acquisition of new and pre-owned aircraft, technical support, maintenance, spare parts, aviation consulting of aircraft and helicopters to the private and public industry.

“To go beyond the boundaries and beyond the limits of
excellence in performance, in all facets of business”

Our Mission

HEIRA TECHNOLOGIES is oriented to give our customers and the aviation society in general the best service to develop a long-term relationship with a staff committed to excellence. Our MISSION is to continually expand our engineering hub, to ensure our team of customers are given appropriate and sufficient resources, expertise and support, in order for them to maximise output performance and to remain the leaders in their chosen fields.

Our Vision

Consolidate as leader in the domestic and international markets company, with the support of the best and qualify team in the industry so we can ensure the highest levels of service and quality in the market. We work hard to be the most professional consolidated and secure organization of executive air transport industry. We want to be the most attractive and reliable company in the sector by the ability to serve and create value to our business partners, staff and shareholders.

Our Values

Responsibility, Commitment,Team Work, Honesty, Effectiveness, Financial Strength and Performance.


HEIRA TECHNOLOGIES is one of the most reputable aircraft management and brokerage firms in the aviation industry, recognized by many clients as honest and dependable. With an experienced staff of aviation professionals, HEIRA TECHNOLOGIES offers consulting services second to none. We are heavily involved in all aspects of aviation at commercial, Private and Defense.

We are committed to providing the very best quality aircraft sales services available within the aviation industry. Unlike other aircraft sales companies, we invest in your mission up front, while offering an honest, professional relationship to assist you in making informed decisions. We focus on modern, quality, business-use and owner flown aircraft. We have the knowledge and experience to make your mission a success, and we are truly honored to help you discover different.

We know that our clients have many choices when doing business and we appreciate the confidence and trust they place in HEIRA TECHNOLOGIES. We look forward to providing you with the best possible service in the future.


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